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08/10/2023 - 08/14/2023

Watch Marauders streamers on Twitch to earn in-game rewards!

To celebrate the new Plunder Update and our first free weekend on Steam, Twitch Drops for Marauders has been activated! This allows you to watch participating Twitch streams to earn in game rewards. 

 Starting on the 10th of August until the 14th of August, each day will give you a chance to earn all the loot all over again. The 10th is the first day of the campaign, so make sure to earn and claim as much as you can before the next day begins!


 Connect your Twitch and game accounts to get started!

Connect Accounts
Pair your Twitch account in-game to access Twitch drops 
Marauders twitch connection
Click 'Link Now' in the Marauders game menu
Marauders twitch connection
Link Marauders to Twitch via phone QR code or web browser
Marauders twitch connection
Log into your Twitch account 
Marauders twitch connection
You're all set, watch Marauders streams on Twitch to claim drops

Here's what you can claim on participating live channels 

Ammo Box icon
Supply drop icon
Medicinal Crate icon
Large supply drop icon
Image by Matt Gross
  • What are Twitch Drops?
    Twitch Drops are exclusive free in-game rewards you earn by watching Drops-enabled Marauders Streams. These streams are available for a limited time.
  • Which streams do I need to watch to get the drops?
    To earn Twitch Drops, you must watch streamers that stream Marauders and have enabled Twitch Drops. You can usually see whether a streamer has Twitch Drops active at the top of the chat box.
  • I haven’t bought Marauders yet but already claimed some Twitch Drops. Will I still be able to get the Drops later in the game?
    Yes, your Twitch Drops can be claimed even after buying the game.
  • Where can I check the progress towards my next Drop?
    You can check your progress at any time on the Twitch Drops inventory page.
  • If a streamer stops streaming before I complete a Drop, do I need to start again on another stream?
    Progress is cumulative, so you can continue your progress on another stream.
  • Can I earn Drops faster or more often by watching more than one channel at a time?
    No, you can only progress on a Drop on one channel at a time. watching more channels simultaneously will not result in more Drops.
  • How long does it take for Drops to show up in the game?
    Usually, the Drop becomes craftable in-game a few minutes after pressing the claim button on Twitch. If it takes more than an hour, please check that your game account is properly linked to your Twitch account.
  • Where can I check if my Twitch account has been properly linked to my game account?
    You can manage your Twitch connections on this page.
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