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Code of Conduct

We want the Marauders community to be a place where everyone can have a fun and enjoyable experience. With that in mind, below is a code of conduct which we ask you to follow: whilst playing Marauders, using in-game VOIP, as well as when interacting on all our official social channels.

  • Respect Your Fellow Players - Be respectful to others. Do not engage in any behaviour that could be considered bullying, stalking, threatening or harassment.


  • No Hateful Behaviour - Keep all communications free of any harassment, disruptive behaviour and abuse to others, including racial or ethnic slurs, hate speech, or any other form of derogatory language. This includes all forms of communication channels, including VOIP.


  • No Cheating - Play the game fairly. Cheating, hacking, using third party programs, and exploiting game mechanics/bugs/glitches (e.g. item duplication) is strictly prohibited. Put simply: Do not engage in any behavior that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. Players caught cheating will be subject to immediate account suspension or permanent ban from the game.


  • No Spamming - Do not engage in any form of spamming, including repeated messages or unsolicited advertising both in-game (e.g. VOIP) as well as on our official social platforms.


  • Respect the Team - Marauders is a highly community driven game and we want to be engaged with the community. Please be respectful when interacting with members of the development and publishing team. Critique and discussion is welcome but make sure it is constructive in nature.


  • Do not Share Private Information - Do not share personal information, or information of another person: Including but not limited to real names, addresses, phone numbers, or any other identifying information.


  • Follow Platform Codes of Conduct - Always follow the code of conduct for the platforms you are on: 


We reserve the right to take appropriate disciplinary action against any player who violates this Code of Conduct, up to and including account suspension or permanent ban from the game, as well as on our official platforms.

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